Oil on canvas
48″ x 36″


In this painting, the artist would like to convey the traditional process of harvesting coconut in his hometown, the City of San Pablo, Laguna. The main subject of the painting is a young guy removing the husks from the coconut using a sharp pointy vertical metal framed on a wooden stand or husk peeler. Next to him is another man doing the same task, they’re called “Magtatapas”. Between them is a young boy collecting all the coconut together in one place using a long rod with a pointed metal tip, he is called “Mag-iipon”. Further on the background is the man using a long pole with a sharp curved knife to pull the coconut from the palm trees, he is called “Magkakawit”.

Another character in the painting is an old man on a carabao cart collecting all the unhusked coconut to be delivered to the market, he is called “Magniniyog”. This is a very common scene in the coconut plantation as the Artist remembered with traditional Nipa hut in the Barrio of San Pablo City.